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·A poor Black pregnant woman Mary Turner in Georgia, had her unborn child cut from her womb as she burned at the stake. While she was inflamed a white man stepped from the crowd, slit her stomach with his pocket knife, and when the fetus fell to the ground, he stomped it and said "One less nigger". Thousands of curbside spectators slapped their knees as they laughed in amusement.

Mary's crime: She had disputed the word of a white man that falsely accused her husband of murdering a white man in a dispute over money owed him by the white man. A shoot out ensued. The white man died in what otherwise was a fair fight. For her protest after they lynched her husband before her eyes, they tied her to a tree, poured gas on her, oil and set her on fire. After she writhed silently in the flames in defiance of the "mad and hungry dogs", she was doused a second time as white children danced and chanted in song and rhyme.