Thanksgiving is just around the
  corner, and I would like to let you know how grateful I am
  to have you in the Southwest Family. Thank you for the
  Hospitality you provide to our Customers—not
    only on this occasion but year round. I truly believe that
  with champions like you on our Team, anything is possible.
  Keep up the great work, and have a fantastic holiday
  It's my honor to submit a Kick Tail entry on your
  behalf. I encourage you to keep a copy of this commendation
  for your personal files and check your SWAG Recognition Wall
  often to view a more comprehensive record of all of the
  recognition that you have received.
  Email comments from Anita
  Lane provided me with the most accommodating customer
  service  experience i have ever had.  I am
  including all of my air travel experience before 9/11. She
    my situation and worked through the red tape and got me on
  a flight to DC.  Let me be clear there was at least 250
  people in line that day and she managed along with the other
  team members to get my situation solved along with everyone
  else's in short order.
      Incredible! Thank you SW