CSM Team
“The Southwest gate 20 employee was amazing.  I was on standby and got to the gate very early.  I watched as this lady interacted with many guests and employees, both airport and other Southwest personnel. She was amazing!  Very professional! She knew exactly what she was doing.  She loves her job and is very good at it!  I was extremely impressed.  Although I did not get on that particular flight, she helped me to get on another flight.  I cannot remember her name (Charlotte I think. Black lady, short blonde hair, and glasses). AMAZING!  Now a days people are just there for a paycheck and don't really care about the customer.  It was SO refreshing to see someone who cared.  Really cared!  Hope you can find many more like her!”
Ella Rogers Hill
Customer Service Manager
Ground Ops
404 669 1589
Hartsfield Jackson - ATL